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January 18th, 2021
TeraCloud Co., Ltd.
Executive Director/CEO/CTO: Yasushi Taki

As of January 18th, 2021, JUSTPLAYER Co., Ltd. (Executive Director/CEO/CTO: Yasushi Taki) has changed its company name to “TeraCloud Co., Ltd.”Our company remains committed to growing our corporate value by providing a robust system infrastructure to enterprises and cloud storage solutions at reasonable costs to individual consumers.

New Company Name

Japanese: テラクラウド株式会社
English: TeraCloud Co., Ltd.

Reasons for Changing our Company Name

Since our company was founded in 2001, we have developed systems that can deliver software to users in a timely fashion by combining on-demand and streaming technologies under the theme of “instantaneous response” while operating as “JUSTPLAYER,” which echoes how our users were able to play games instantaneously. Today, these technologies are often utilized as essential components of cloud services.

The services we provide have continued to evolve with the changing times, and the primary services we currently offer include terabyte-level private cloud services that cater to the diverse needs of businesses as well as “TeraCloud,” a cloud storage solution based in Japan that serves to protect the important data of individual users.

In view of the expanding global hybrid cloud storage market, our company will be expanding our primary private cloud service business and streamlining our network business in 2021, which marks our company’s 20th anniversary. Therefore, we have decided to change our company name to “TeraCloud Co., Ltd.” as of January 18th, 2021.

Our new company name “TeraCloud” is also a reference to the eponymous Japan-based cloud storage service that we have been offering since 2014.

New Logo


Our new company logo was inspired by the letter “T” which is the first character of “TeraCloud” as well as a reference to “Technology.”

The three V’s allude to the coming together of the three leading virtualization technologies that support our cloud service: CPU, storage, and network. Our company will also actively collaborate with like-minded companies to become a public institution of society as we strive to continue growing into a company that possesses “variability” in an evolving society and which is capable of providing “value” in a “versatile” manner.

All service content offered by our company as well as business agreements entered into with our company will continue to remain in effect as before without any changes even after the change in our company name.

Date of Change in Company Name

January 18th, 2021

Corporate Website

Company Profile

  • Company name: TeraCloud Co., Ltd.
  • Representative: Yasushi Taki (Executive Director/CEO/CTO)
  • Capital: 30 million yen
  • Founded: November 2nd, 2001
  • Address: 〒420-0039, Kawamura Kamigokucho Bldg. 1F, 2-4 Kamigokucho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka
  • TEL:050-3801-5987
  • FAX:054-251-1757
  • URL:
  • Scope of business:
    • Leasing and hosting of cloud infrastructure
    • Production of cloud software
    • Construction and maintenance of network and server infrastructure
    • Integration and maintenance of cloud services
    • System development and system integration operations
    • Other operations associated with the above

General Enquiries Regarding this Announcement

Company name: TeraCloud Co., Ltd.
Staff-in-charge: Kubono / Fukuda
TEL: 050-3801-5987Email: