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代表取締役CEO兼CTO 瀧 康史

A Grateful Greeting for 20 years in Business

I am pleased to announce that TeraCloud Co., Ltd. will be celebrating its 20th anniversary as a standing organization on November 2nd, 2021. As a company, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our employees for their tireless efforts and our customers for their patronage, both of which helped us reach this monumental milestone.

Our company was originally established in November of 2001 as a limited company named Just Player, with the notion of “immediacy” as its central focus. We developed a system that combines on-demand and streaming technologies to provide software precisely in time. These technologies are now widely employed as the foundation for cloud computing.

In 2002, we launched our web hosting business as an application of our server technology related to delivery management. This philosophy has been carried over to our present cloud service company. At that time, we also began system development on consignment, but when system development decreased as a result of the economic downturn following the Lehman Shock, we gradually shifted our focus to cloud-based business and have continued to prioritize cloud services since.

In 2014, we released “TeraCLOUD,” a wholly domestic cloud storage solution.

We believe that our corporate culture, which has emphasized “technology” with an eye toward the integration of computing, storage, and networking since our founding has continued to remain strong and adaptive throughout this era of cloud computing. And will continue to do so as the technology surrounding us continues to advance and becomes more accessible globally.

These days, global trends and downturns are becoming increasingly difficult to foresee. With our most recent issue, the virus epidemic, still being an ongoing dilemma and resulting in supply chain collapses due to a variety of circumstances, it seems as if we are entering a society where nothing can be guaranteed. Amid all this, we as a company are committed to growing together, valuing technology, and envisioning a sustainable future for our customers.

In a world that can be characterized by instability and unpredictability, there are so few companies that can declare they have persisted for 20 years. We will continue to make a sincere effort to improve our products, services, and values in order to expand throughout the next ten years and beyond.

We sincerely appreciate your continuing patronage and support, and we look forward to maintaining a good, healthy relationship with all associated with our organization throughout the future.

TeraCloud Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, CEO and CTO Yasushi Taki