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Our Purpose

Since our founding in 2001, InfiniCloud has seamlessly integrated Storage, Server, and Network technologies with the power of software so that we can provide our customers with mission-critical, stable, and cost-effective cloud services.

Cloud Services Business (B2B)

We began offering server administration services in 2002 and server virtualization services in 2003, before the term "cloud" was even coined. We continue to provide stable, comfortable, and secure cloud services to our customers by protecting what needs to be protected while using a wide range of innovative technology.

Storage Service

We began our Storage Services, that was coined as a cornerstone to protect, was launch in 2006. Currently, we provide mission critical services with extremely low data loss rates, focusing on Backup Storage which specializes in capacity and Enterprise storage series which specializes in high speed and IOPS.

  • Backup Storage
  • Enterprise Storage
  • Interconnected Storage

Server (Computing) Service

In order to process the enormous amount of data at high speed, the compute node has a high-speed CPU and multiple options. Currently, you can select Intel Xeon SP 3rd generation, AMD EPYC 4th generation, or Oracle SPARC S7/M8. It is possible to create a variety of private cloud environments that are not limited by design.

  • High Response Private Cloud
  • WMware Private Cloud
  • Solaris SPARC Private Cloud

Network Service

We provide connections to on-premise locations, public clouds, and between our regions (Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, and Kyushu) to transport large volumes of data at high speeds, safely, and affordably. These high-bandwidth, low-latency, and high-reliability connections enable the distributed deployment of flexible and highly applicable systems, as multiple data center locations can be treated as a single cloud resource. Various infrastructures can be organically connected and operated from multiple locations.

  • Private Connect
  • Public Cloud Link
  • Internet Connectivity

About Data Centers

Data centers that meet our severe selection standards are connected and integrated via redundant high-speed lines. By connecting various data centers, enterprises may simply consider Business Continuity Plans (BCP)/Disaster Recovery (DR) and choose a region based on use and purpose.

  • Data Center for Large Scale Disasters

Consumer Service

InfiniCLOUD, an online storage service introduced in 2014, is a service that we provide to our clients to store their vital data, such as images and videos, at a reasonable cost using our storage technology. Customers employ our "storage," "server," and "network" technologies to use the service not only in Japan but also internationally.

  • InfiniCLOUD