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1. Copyright

InfiniCloud Co. Ltd. owns the copyright to the works that have been posted on this website.

Without the company's permission, no material may be reproduced, modified, redistributed, sold, etc.

2. Disclaimer

Regarding the information given on this website, we offer no assurances. We disclaim any liability in the extremely improbable case that this website's content contains a mistake. Additionally, we disclaim any liability for any harm or loss brought on by the material on this website.

Please be aware that without prior warning, the site's material could be changed, removed, or withdrawn.

3. About links

In principle, setting a link to this site is free. It is OK to link directly to technical content. You're welcome to introduce us to email publications, guidebooks, etc. After linking, please let us know where the link is located.

The following are strictly prohibited.

  1. A link that is directly attached to an image.
  2. Links that obscure the contents of this site by using frames or other methods.
  3. Link that give a disadvantage to this site.

4. Operating environment

The following environment is recommended for browsing this site.

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher or FireFox 2.0 or higher
  • Javascript: Enabled
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