Supporting X68000 Z as a platinum sponsor

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Supporting "X68000 Z" as a platinum sponsor

TeraCloud Co., Ltd. is delighted to inform you that we have joined the crowdfunding initiative as a supporter (platinum sponsor) for the X68000 Z.

A message from our CEO:

During my time as an Oh!X Writer, I can still clearly recall the discontinuation of the X68030's replacement model. "Every happy day must come to an end," I thought to myself. Looking back and now, the X68000 was one of the most impactful pieces of technology in my life. I would not have developed into a great creator without the X68000. I never would have developed video games. Most importantly, I would not have founded TeraCloud Corporation, my current business if it weren’t for the X68000. It has become a foundation of who I am. I greatly value the opportunity to share and spread the awareness of the X68000 Z with everyone.

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February 8th, 2023
TeraCloud Co., Ltd.