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A network environment that requires disaster countermeasures and BCP measures is realized using satellite communication and closed network connections.

InfiniCloud Co. Ltd. (Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka City; CEO: Taki Yasushi; hereinafter "the Company") is pleased to announce that TD Satellite Communication Systems Corporation (Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima City; Representative Director: Hiroaki Kuwahara; hereinafter "TDSC") has provided the "Cloud Direct Connection Service," an optional service for PLANET-BB that allows users to connect to closed networks and public clouds.


Overview of Cloud Direct Connection Service

Generally speaking, many are concerned about security when connecting to the cloud because it requires the use of the Internet. However, using this service, clients can connect to public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) over a closed network rather than the Internet, increasing security. Furthermore, using a satellite connection reduces vulnerability to the effects of disasters and other terrestrial calamities, allowing for better BCP procedures.

As the demand for a closed connection to the cloud has grown, we've received requests from our customers to use satellite communication to connect to AWS and GCP even when terrestrial lines are congested or broken during disasters or normal times. By cooperating with TDSC, we were able to provide Japan's first satellite broadband service. Furthermore, clients can effortlessly use the service without having to set up lines or install equipment.

Usage Fee

  • Cloud Direct Connection Service Usage Fee
    Initial Cost 121,000 Japanese Yen(Tax Included)

    Cloud Server Connection Setup Cost 33,000 Japanese Yen(Tax Included)
    Satellite Cloud Interconnection Setup Costs 88,000 Japanese Yen(Tax Included)

    Monthly Fee 40,700 Japanese Yen(Tax Included)
    Cloud Server Connection Cost 33,000 Japanese Yen(Tax Included)
    Satellite Cloud Interconnect Setup Costs 7,700 Japanese Yen(Tax Included)

※Due to Azure's redundant design, two contracts for cloud server connection costs are necessary.
※The above is the price for connecting to a single cloud. If you want to add more clouds, you will need to sign a separate contract for the cloud server connection charge.
※Customers will need to apply for a closed service (AWS DirectConnect, Azure ExpressRoute, etc.) to the public cloud service they are using. Please contact the public cloud service you are using for plans, fees, etc.

For more information on services and applications, please visit the TD Satellite Communication System website.

PLANET-BB's Service Page

PLANET BB's Cloud Direct Connection Service


【About InfiniCloud's Private Cloud Service】

InfiniCloud has been developing and providing Internet game distribution and virtual private server services since 2001, long before the term "cloud" was coined. We have developed and constructed numerous enterprise networks and systems using our significant experience and vendor-neutral design flexibility.
InfiniCloud's cloud network, in particular, connects multiple data centers via high-speed lines. We have been involved in the installation of mission-critical networks for enterprises with branches throughout Japan, as well as the construction of disaster recovery sites that are widely apart yet use the same network.

【Corporate Overview】

InfiniCloud Co. Ltd.
  • Representative: Representative Director and CEO: Yasushi Taki
  • Capital: 80,500,000 Japanese Yen
  • Established: November 2, 2001
  • Location:
    • Headquarters: 2-1-5 Gofukucho Street, Aoi District
      Gofukukan 5F
      Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka City
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【TD Satellite Communication Systems, Inc. Overview】

TD Satellite Communication Systems, Inc.
  • Representative: Representative Director: Hiroaki Kuwahara
  • Established: June 2018
  • Locations:
    • Head Office: 22-25, Midorii 4-Chome, Asaminami District
      Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima City
    • Business Headquarters: 16, Kandasakumacho 4-chome
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      Tokyo, Chiyoda City
    • TDSC Lab: 27-11, Taito 1-chome, Taito District
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