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Notice of Company Name Change

On April 3, 2023, TeraCloud Co., Ltd. (CEO Yasushi Taki) renamed the company to InfiniCloud Co. Ltd.

Welcome to InfiniCloud

In 2021, we changed our company name from Justplayer Inc. to TeraCloud Inc. in light of the expansion of the global hybrid cloud market.

Over the past two years, the Japanese government has promoted the shift to DX, and expectations for domestic clouds have risen. Our business has been highly evaluated both in Japan and overseas throughout many business sectors, such as private cloud business for enterprises, network business, and storage business for consumers.

Our infrastructure has surpassed terabyte and petabyte storage space, and expects exabyte and zetabyte storage coming into view. We have made the decision to change the company name to InfiniCloud Co. Ltd. with the inclusion of the term "infinity" in order to reflect the linear progression of corporate value and future expansion of business scale.

In addition, our domestic cloud storage service TeraCLOUD that has been provided since 2014 will be rebranded to InfiniCLOUD.

New Company Name

  • Japanese notation:InfiniCloud株式会社
  • English notation:InfiniCloud Co. Ltd.

Date of Change

April 3, 2023

※There is no change in our office address or company phone number. The content of the services provided by the Company and the contract regarding transactions with the Company will not change after the name change.

A Message From our CEO

When we initially changed our name from JustPlayer Co., Ltd. to TeraCloud Co., Ltd., we asked ourselves, "What will we do when it comes to using greater than Terabyte storage?"

Before we realized it, our storage capacity had quickly surpassed peta-sized storage, and business users started utilizing peta-sized storage. Our private cloud servers now measure memory in terabytes, and in the not too distant future, our storage will likely exceed exabyte storage.

We must now ask ourselves, "What comes next?" With the clear response that there are an infinite number of potential options.

Hence, we will rename our business to "InfiniCloud Company".

New Corporate Logo

New Corporate Logo

The new logo mark will remain unchanged outside of the name replacement.

This shows that the logo's aspirations are still being pursued and that our company's name change is a natural progression of our business.

The three colored Vs in the logo stand in for the three common virtualization technologies that underpin the cloud, such as CPU, storage, and network. The white box in the middle of the design stands in for the "T" for technology. In order to become a public entity of society, we also want to actively "gather" with other businesses that share our values. We want to develop into a business that can adapt to changing social norms and always deliver valuable services.

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April 3, 2023
InfiniCloud Co. Ltd.