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Release: Private cloud suitable for relocating Solaris Sparc to the cloud, addition of provision contents and price revision

InfiniCloud Co. Ltd. (Representative Director & CEO: Yasushi Taki) announced on February 1, 2024, the service content and price of the “Solaris SPARC Private Cloud (SSPC) Dedicated resource type,” a complete private cloud that is ideal for cloud-based Solaris SPARC. Changes have been made since (Thursday).

We have added the following service contents.

  • Region where the server will be installed can be selected from Chubu, Kanto, and Kansai regions.
  • Oracle SPARC T8-1 server has been newly added to the server model selection.
  • “Interconnected Storage 6Gt for Solaris SPARC” has been added to the connectable storage.
  • It is now possible to use network interfaces using SR-IOV.

InfiniCloud Co. Ltd. was established in 2001 with an aim of IT immediacy, and in 2002, we launched a server service for businesses. In 2007, we introduced our first-generation cloud, which utilized Solaris contacting technology. Furthermore, our developing cloud includes general cloud, network, and storage services, enabling the migration of several mission-critical systems from on-premises to the cloud, including business systems, ERP, payroll, and billing systems.

As a domestic cloud, InfiniCloud has a long history of offering cloud services with advanced technical capabilities. Furthermore, our proprietary storage technology ensures a highly fault-tolerant system.

We received the Infrastructure Transformation Award in 2019 for our use of Solaris.

Characteristics of SSPC Dedicated Resource Type

The Solaris Sparc Private Cloud (SSPC) Dedicated Resource Type is a completely private cloud offering that provides exclusive access to server resources. You can construct an unlimited number of virtual instances with any configuration you like within the contractual resource limit, and you can run large-scale applications and databases with plenty of resources.

"Interconnected Storage 6Gt for Solaris SPARC" has been included as a connectable storage to suit the requirements for ultra-high speed, low-latency storage. The NVMe Pass Through functionality allows you to make use of the speed of enterprise SSDs without passing through a virtualization layer.

SR-IOV network interfaces can now be used to prevent network latency from decreasing. It is feasible to provide network services with fast response times by allowing users to access the network without passing through the virtualization layer. Additionally, it is now able to connect directly to the block storage of the Enterprise Storage 6Gt service, allowing for faster access performance.

It is also compatible with Windows and Linux when used in conjunction with InfiniCloud's High Response Private Cloud and VMWare Private Cloud.

Easy to archive and relocate from actual machine

It is feasible to run all versions of SPARC Solaris 10. Using Solaris 10's flash archive capability, the real machine image is archived and launched directly as a Solaris 10 container on Solaris 11.4.

For Solaris 11.2 and later, utilize the Unified Archive function; for Solaris 11.2 and 11.3, relocate it as is as a Kernel Zone. You can also upgrade to Solaris 11.4.

*For Solaris 8/9, it must be run on Solaris 10.

A network that looks like it’s at the customer’s location

You can expand your L2 network environment to the cloud by connecting using our connectivity service Private Connect. You can quickly move the system environment without altering the IP address.

Even if the host server is damaged, it can be started immediately from another server

Compared to physical machine-based HA operations, hypervisor layer redundancy allows for recovery with substantially less downtime. *Admission control requires free memory space.

Snapshots and replication with ZFS, inter-region replication

Even if you accidentally destroy your system or files while developing or building a service, you can roll back to the point where a snapshot was taken. By combining Backup Storage and Enterprise Storage, it is possible to periodically perform snapshot replication of data.

Features of Interconnected Storage 6Gt for Solaris SPARC

With SSPC, you can select persistent storage called Interconnect Storage (ICS) with ultra-high-speed performance.

This storage is block storage that boasts thousands of times lower latency, high IO, and bandwidth. Although it has the same speed as an ephemeral disk, data will not be lost even if the instance is restarted or stopped unless the instance is deleted, and a working image can be replicated to another storage (including a different location) once every few hours.

Additionally, since it can operate independently using only Solaris SPARC compute nodes, it is ideal for Internet edge servers and database servers.


SSPC Dedicated Resource Type Oracle SPARC s7-2 Server

  • CPU: Oracle SPARC V9 architecture Processor
    SPARC S7 4/27 GHz/9Core (1 processor), maximum 128 Threads (2 CPU)
  • OS: Oracle Solaris 10/11 64bits
  • Memory: 256GB, 512GB

SSPC Dedicated Resource Type Oracle SPARC T8-1 Server (NEW)

  • CPU: Oracle SPARC V9 architecture Processor
    SPARC T8 5.0GHz/32Cores (1 processor), maximum 256 Threads (2 CPU)
  • OS: Oracle Solaris 10/11 64bits
  • Memory: 512GB, 1024GB

Interconnected Storage 6Gt for Solaris

  • 3.84TB, 7.68TB

Service Details

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About InfiniCloud’s Private Cloud Service

InfiniCloud Co. Ltd. provides customers with complete and effective solutions by merging cloud infrastructure technology, network infrastructure technology, and cloud software technology in a borderless and flexible manner, as it has done since its founding in 2001.

Company Profile

  • Company name: InfiniCloud Co., Ltd.
  • Representative: Yasushi Taki, Representative Director and CEO
  • Capital: 80,500,000 yen
  • Established: November 2, 2001
  • Address: 5F Gofukukan, 2-1-5 Gofuku Street, Aoi-District, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture 420-0031
  • TEL:050-3801-5987
  • FAX:054-251-1757
  • URL:
  • Business details
    • Cloud infrastructure rental business, hosting business
    • Cloud software production business
    • Network and server infrastructure construction, maintenance management work
    • Work related to the above

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